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what was

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Cliff Stackonis and Bonnie Wren performing Cliff's original song The Credit Card Shuffle at the Half Moon Cafe in Oley, PA - April 18, 2014.

Check out the Original Band Version Studio Recording of this song here. If you dare..

Check out the Original Band Version Studio Recording of this song here. If you dare..

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OCTober 2019

Boyertown Wine Walk. Special gig with Hannah Violet. Friday October 25th, 5:30-8:30 pm

LOCATION CHANGE: Tompkins VIST Bank. 101 E. Philadelphia Ave. Boyertown, PA.

Cliff is a regular at the Legendary BARTO JAM at The Other Farm & Forge Brewing Co. in Boyertown, PA

Every Wednesday Night, 8:30-11:00 PM

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Live Tracks

Recorded May 31st, 2017 in front of a live audience at The Bally Hotel, Bally, PA.  A ten song set of original songs for The Phil Stahl Radio Show, WPFS.

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… all about Cliff


I'm not the first mechanical engineer to answer the call of tunesmithing... I actually met one other.  It’s a nuts and bolts craft.


My path of musical influence all started as a youngster, locked in the kitchen with my mom, a good deal of smoke and brew, and the transistor radio of the day, playing the then, modern sounds of 70's Country.  Now, you might call this a form of high influence, or a form of high abuse.  To me, I guess it all depended on the song.  But breaking free and digesting all things british invasion, the classic rock of the day made the mistake of slipping in some blues.  Suddenly, with a well-timed release stream of what was called "CD Box Sets", and “Compilations” I hit my stride absorbing, and collecting, most things rural blues and Chicago blues.  (Forking over money for music does put a value on it.)  My poor-boy harmonica playing suddenly went deep, mimicking the likes of Sonny Boy Williamson and Little Walter Jacobs.  Real poets.  On the songwriting side, Hank Williams would later become a required read.


After a nice stint singing and playing blues harmonica in a band, I didn't take up the guitar until I was 34 with a little life under the belt and already writing songs.  It was upon the suggestion of my songwriting pal.  I turned to him and said, "Really?  Take up guitar?  Am I allowed to??"  What could a poor boy do?  True as beans.  Right about that time I got a copied tape from my uncle that went really well with the car I was driving.  A Merle Haggard collection with the two songs cut off.  Right there, with all the influence of jazz, western swing, blues, folk, and country, I rediscovered my 70's roots, and realized where my songwriting was coming from.  Been on a Tom T. Hall kick ever since.


My CD reflects songs written over a ten year period.  All little projects of their own.  I was fortunate to fall into a scene of incredible local musicians to flesh the songs out.  I became The Project Manager.  And I really learned that guitar in the process.  So with the help of a magician recording engineer my songs took on the best production they ever could have hoped for.


I hope you enjoy the CD.